13th IFAC Workshop on
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, 12-14 August 2019

Additive manufacturing technologies for on-demand production and personalized products

Author's or proposer's names: 
  • Franz-Josef Villmer*

Additive manufacturing was at first used in rapid prototyping over 30 years ago. Today, the application of additive manufacturing for prototyping is well established and attempts are being made to manufacture not only prototypes but also production devices, tools, and even end-use products. Thus, the requirements for additive manufacturing technologies have changed rapidly. Among other benefits, they include geometric design freedom and cost-effective product customization and personalization, the possibility of functional integration and the absence of form-shaping tools which enable cost-efficient production of small quantities on demand. The subject of current research is the integration of additive manufacturing into existing production systems. There is a great need for development in terms of materials that can be applied, optimization of quality of the additively manufactured parts and reliability of AM systems. Simulation and process software, as well as the development of additive manufacturing machines for more process stability, play a major role here. This session will cover the latest developments in software, hardware, and materials to enable the possibilities of using additive manufacturing for personalized end-use products. Included are the pre-process, the in-process and the post- process, as well as the corresponding control systems.

CAD/CAM/CAE; Computer Integrated Manufacturing; Quality Process Control