13th IFAC Workshop on
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada, 12-14 August 2019

Miniature Manufacturing and Intelligent Surfaces Engineering

Author's or proposer's names: 
  • Jana Abou-Ziki*

Today there is an increasing demand to miniaturize systems and products in different fields from medical diagnostics to electronics and optical precision systems, to sensory systems and micro-fluidic devices. Therefore, developing precision manufacturing methods has captured great interest in academia and industrial sectors. Micro and nano fabrication, hybrid precision manufacturing methods, as well as additive manufacturing on the micro and nano- scale are some of the interesting fields that are being researched. Enhancing processes precision while accelerating fabrication and reducing process cost is an important and challenging subject in this field. This is specifically interesting for rapid prototyping of miniature systems. In precision manufacturing surface functionalization is crucial to add novel functions to the surface to enhance the device performance. Surface engineering, mainly biologically or nature inspired, is an important feature of modern components and consumer products.

This is a proposal for an invite session on “Miniature Manufacturing and Intelligent Surfaces Engineering”.

Topics of interest are as follows:

  • Micro and nano fabrication technologies: process characterization, modelling and simulation
  • Miniaturization of machines and associated issues (tooling, motion generation, sensors systems and control…)
  • Surface engineering and interface nanotechnology Micro and nano additive manufacturing technologies
  • On-line monitoring and inspection systems/methods
  • Standardization in micro manufacturing and micro factories
  • Applications of precision (micro/nano) technologies
Biologically Inspired Techniques; Rapid Prototyping; Multi-Sensory Systems